15 Best IO Games Worth Playing

Discover 15 awesome IO games that are fun, addictive, and perfect for passing time. Check out the best ones you shouldn't miss!

Best IO Games
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The first IO games appeared in 2015 and became popular almost instantly. The recipe for success is simple – a clear interface, minimum system requirements, the ability to play online, and, of course, for free. From hundreds of available projects, we selected the best ones based on ratings and user reviews and compiled the top 15 best IO games.

What are IO games

These are free online games with simple controls and mechanics. The gameplay of such games is intuitive, no training is required – you just need to be connected to the Internet. They run directly in the browser, no need to download anything additional.

All such projects have the same .io sign at the end of the name – this is the domain of the British Island Territories in the Indian Ocean, on whose servers the games are registered.

Almost all popular IO games are aimed at multiplayer mode and leveling up your hero. It is believed that the pioneer of the genre was Agar.io, which was born in 2015. Let’s start with it.


Our top io-games opens with Agar.io, the first project that sets the standards for the genre. The game was developed in 2015 by Brazilian programmer Matheus Valadares. Named after the substance agar-agar – a nutrient medium for the development of bacteria.

The player will have to control a bacterial cell that moves across the playing field and tries to eat as many food cells as possible, as well as other, smaller bacteria. If a cell is not nourished, it gradually loses mass. The bacteria controlled by the player can be divided into small ones – to escape from larger bacteria or to attack small cells. The larger a cell becomes, the slower it moves. The goal of the game is to become the largest cell.

The browser version includes five game modes: FFA (free play mode “One against all”), “Battle Royale”, “Teams”, “Experimental” (similar to the standard one, mines are added), and “Party” (game mode with friends, anti-teams appear). FFA, Rush, and Battle Royale are available for mobile devices.


In this game, the user will have to test their survival skills. In MooMoo.io, the player literally travels back to prehistoric times with only a stone hammer in their hands. Wild animals are circling around him, who only dream of eating the character. And development is hindered by other gamers who are not going to share resources and help.

As the game progresses, the user will mine various resources, build housing, and defend against enemies. With each new action, the player gains experience and the opportunity to upgrade skills. The goal of MooMoo is to collect as much gold as possible and move up to the top. The game seems complicated from the description, but it is not: even a child can figure out the mechanics. Do not forget to monitor your health and eat berries on time if you are injured. And try not to get into fights with larger players – it’s easier to escape from them (for example, by hiding in the forest).


In Wings.io, the player will try himself in the role of a high-speed fighter pilot. When you press play, take the helm, and fly high into the clouds, you will have to defend the airspace from other aircraft. The goal is to shoot down as many aircraft as possible and survive. Destroyed aircraft will drop bonuses – various types of ammunition, more than 10 types in total are available. You can attack other fighters either by bombing from above or in close combat using special projectiles. For each plane you shoot down, you will receive points, which will help you move up the leaderboard. Also, boxes with various improvements that are valid for a limited time will appear in random places on the playing field. And every hour in the game, additional targets are added (for example, warships) and new modes are activated.


The list of the best IO games rightfully includes Slither.io. It will appeal to all fans of the legendary “Snake” from the first push-button phones. The mechanics are very simple and do not require special skills or long training. The player gets a snake at his disposal, which must be moved in space and fed with colorful balls. At first, it will be small and nimble, and with each portion eaten, it will begin to increase in size. And the larger the snake, the more difficult it is to control.

Unlike the original, the io version also has other users who control their snakes. They also aim to eat as many colored balls as possible. In this case, the snake will die if it touches its head to another reptile – in this case, it will break up into those same multi-colored balls that will become food for others.


Another reference to another legendary game from the 1990s – Tetris. The online IO version of the game almost exactly repeats the gameplay of the original. The user needs to place randomly appearing blocks of different shapes and sizes so as not to go beyond the boundaries of the playing area. In Tetr.io, gamers compete with each other to see who can stack the most blocks in the least amount of time. Like many IO games, Tetr.io maintains an online table of player scores.

A total of four single-player modes are available – “Sprint”, “Blitzkrieg”, “Zen” and “Custom”. In the first, the player goes through 40 lines in the minimum time, in the second, he tries to score as many points as possible in two minutes. In Zen, you can customize the settings for yourself (for example, change gravity). Even more settings are available in Custom – from playing field parameters to block rotation.

There are also three multiplayer modes – “Quick Game”, “Custom Rooms” and “Tetra League”. The latter has a rating system, and it is in it that the most advanced gamers perform.


From the name of the game, it becomes clear that its goal will be the survival of the gamer. Surviv.io is a classic example of Battle Royale, a genre where players have to fight for their lives in a confined space.

The user will play as one of the multi-colored circles, which moves along a grid-covered field. Initially, the circle is armed only with fists but can find improved types of weapons and bonuses in various boxes. Gradually the field will shrink, which will push players into clashes with each other. There are also shelters here, but you shouldn’t rely heavily on them. Up to 50 people can take part in one match at the same time. Both the “All against all” mode and competitions between teams of 2 to 4 people are available. The last one standing wins.


Mope.io is very similar in mechanics and gameplay to Agar.io. Only this time the player will control animals whose task is to evolve and move up the food chain.

The user will start walking with the mouse. In order for an animal to develop and evolve, it must be fed with berries and smaller animals, and also monitor the water level in the body. In total, four groups of fauna are available in the game – terrestrial, arctic, desert, and sea. Each of them has their own special abilities and vulnerabilities.

There are a total of 117 animals available for management in Mope.io. Next to each of them, there is a special plate with experience, which reflects the required number of points to move to the next level. The maximum food chain level you can reach is 17th. For it, you need to gain more than 10 million experience points.


A popular puzzle game for those who love solving math problems. The playing field consists of many squares on which there are tiles with numbers that are multiples of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, and so on). The goal is to move and match tiles with the same numbers to double the number. As a result, you need to get to the coveted 2048.

After each move, a new tile with 2 or 4 appears on the vacated field. At first, the game seems very simple, and the player quickly matches identical tiles and increases his score. However, he soon begins to be disturbed by more and more numbers that appear, which he finds difficult to combine. If the user has no options left to connect the game boards, the game ends. Therefore, to win, you need to think several moves ahead and leave matching tiles nearby.


Gartic.io is suitable for those who do not want to participate in survival games or kill other people’s characters. The game in some ways resembles the well-known “Crocodile” or “Broken Phone”. The idea is simple – participants need to guess what other users are drawing.

After entering the game, the user finds himself in a room with random players. One of them gets the role of the person who makes a wish for the image. A special chat is available for users to communicate. They can write down answers in it or simply discuss with each other what they see on the screen. In order to guess the picture, a limited amount of time is given. When it expires, the screen shows who was right and who was wrong. Next, it’s the next player’s turn to guess the image.


SmashKarts.io is a lightweight version of the popular game Mario Kart. Here the player takes control of a racing kart, behind the wheel of which, instead of Mario, you can put different animals – a frog, a dog, a rabbit, or a cat. Kart pilots not only try to outrun each other but also fight with cool weapons.

While moving along the 3D racing track, you can find a variety of bonuses that provide upgrades to weapons or armor. The main task is to get ahead of all participants, survive during battles, and score as many points as possible. If you run out of shells, it doesn’t matter – your competitors’ karts can be rammed and knocked off the track. At the end of each round, which lasts 3 minutes, a winner is determined. Four locations from the list are available for racing: a cemetery, a freeway, a sand quarry, and an island of destruction.


One of the best io games for the browser, Yorg.io, is a mixture of several genres at once – strategy, construction simulator, and survival during a zombie apocalypse. The player will have to develop his own base. New buildings improve her defense and level up her character.

The game is divided into day and night stages. During daylight hours, users build and strengthen their base, and at night they defend against waves of zombies. To develop a camp, you need to extract resources, and for this, you need to build special buildings like defensive towers.

As the camp develops, the player will have to build roads to connect the buildings with each other, as well as protect them. If the zombies manage to destroy the base, this will mean immediate loss.


In Superhex.io, the playing field is divided into many hexagons. The task is to use the cursor to outline the boundaries of your territory and thereby capture it. The more fields are within the capture boundaries, the more points the user receives and moves up in the player rating table.

The gaming space is limited, so at some point, gamers will have to capture pieces of territory from each other – then this part will be painted a new color. Superhex.io does not allow you to relax: you need to constantly monitor your possessions because other players will try to take advantage of the chance and seize your territories. You also cannot allow your opponent to touch your cursor line, otherwise the game will instantly end in defeat for you.


Another top io game about survival and evolution. This time the user plunges into the depths of the World Ocean and develops one of the ocean creatures. The user starts the game as one of the small fish or even a whale. He needs to feed his animal with food found on the playing field and defend himself from larger predators. Although there is plenty of food, there are also many people who want to get it. So get ready for a tense battle for resources.

A wide variety of deep sea inhabitants are available for management: from pufferfish and jellyfish to penguins and whales. Each type of animal has its own unique characteristics and weaknesses. The playing space is also divided into different zones into which only certain types of fish can swim. Once the user-controlled animal has eaten enough, it will be able to evolve into a larger one. And so on almost ad infinitum.


The player takes the helm of a starship and moves through outer space in order to survive and improve. Here you need to look for valuable resources, destroy dangerous asteroids and, of course, fight other players. There are several modes to choose from: “Survival”, “Invasion”, “Professional Deathmatch” and “Multiplayer”. In each of them, the player needs to demonstrate the best skills in order to emerge victorious from the battle with space and other users. Resources will help the user upgrade his spaceship and make it the best in the galaxy.


Ev.io is an online first-person shooter. It’s very reminiscent of Quake 3 or Overwatch. Three-dimensional graphics create the impression that this is a full-fledged computer title and not a free toy for the browser.

The goal of Ev.io is simple – kill as many enemies as possible and earn more points. There are several game modes available (Freedom vs Everyone, Capture the Flag, Team, and Battle Royale) and dozens of weapon types. Simple ones can be obtained at the very beginning of the game, but for more technologically advanced and lethal ones you will have to pay in the internal currency – SOL. You can get it by exchanging internal tokens that are given for achievements.

In addition to regular guns, the player can buy NFT weapons on the domestic market – they are more powerful than standard ones. The character can be customized: upgrade your abilities, change your skin, and choose a cooler weapon.

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