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Buy Games in the Microsoft Store XBOX
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Due to recently imposed sanctions, most foreign companies have left the Russian markets, which also affected the video entertainment industry. As a result, Microsoft has suspended support for a number of its products in the Russian Federation, namely: Windows updates, Office updates, as well as Microsoft Store Azure, Xbox Live, and Game Pass. However, based on data from sources on the Internet, all already purchased games will be available; problems may be encountered when purchasing new games and purchasing a subscription. In the future, the company plans to review its pricing policy in the region and may limit the use of the ruble when paying for goods. The shipment of new consoles and accessories to local retailers is completely predetermined at the moment.

Buy Games in the Microsoft Store XBOX
Buy Games in the Microsoft Store XBOX

What you can’t do in the Microsoft Store Xbox

As of March 8, the Microsoft Store no longer accepts payments from Russia, including on XBOX. At the moment, users are facing problems purchasing some games in the Microsoft Store, as well as purchasing a subscription, but for Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass subscriptions, you can purchase cards with activation codes and a key from local Microsoft partners.

How to top up your wallet and make purchases in the Microsoft Store now

At the moment, paying for a subscription to the Xbox service and purchasing digital copies of games are complicated for residents of Russia, however, there are still options to achieve what you want. First, subscription cards and digital download keys can be found on various online sites and through Microsoft’s regional partners. Keys can be purchased both for the Russian region and for any other. Secondly, you can top up your account in the Xbox store through the Qiwi and PayBerry services, the first works fully in Russia, and the second supports topping up from Mir cards. Thirdly, using a VPN service, you need to purchase games in another region; it is believed that the most profitable purchases of Xbox games are in Argentina, Brazil and Turkey.

Buy Games in the Microsoft Store XBOX
Buy Games in the Microsoft Store XBOX

How to regain access to XBOX games

A number of games from publishers that have suspended their activities in the Russian Federation (CD ProjectRed, EA, etc.) may become unavailable in the region. Next, we will consider options for returning access to your favorite games and purchasing new products bypassing the restrictions of the Microsoft Store.

How to bypass the blocking 

Microsoft Store XBOX There are many ways to bypass the regional blocking of the Microsoft Store, but not all of them may be effective. One option is to change the dynamic server addresses that are used by routers. Public DNS servers: Google Public DNS, Norton ConnectSafe, Comodo Secure DNS, Sprintlink and others can help bypass the blocking.

Another way to solve this problem could be to use proxy servers; this is a simpler option than delving into the router settings, but at the same time less secure, since public proxies are not always reliable and can be used by scammers to collect traffic. Next, we’ll look at more reliable and secure ways to access games.

Download purchased games to your console and hard drive

Most restrictions do not apply to games already purchased and on your account, but you may lose access to these games if the publisher decides to restrict access to them. To protect yourself from such an outcome, it would be prudent to download games to your hard drive or memory card. Since the internal storage capacity of the console is limited, there may simply not be enough space for all purchased games, so you may need additional media, which can be purchased in our online store. This method is good for single-player games; for games that require a constant connection to the network, it will be ineffective.

Buy Games in the Microsoft Store XBOX
Buy Games in the Microsoft Store XBOX

Installing VPN for Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles

To solve problems with various types of online games, VPN services will be an excellent help, since the console will leave its digital footprint in a region that is not subject to sanctions. This will eliminate the problem with XBOX services, but VPN services are paid, and prices range from $3 to $13 per month. Let’s look at a couple of the most popular VPNs below.

CyberGhost VPN is one of the best services that is optimized specifically for consoles and works perfectly with both Sony and Xbox consoles. Allows you to bypass almost all geographical restrictions, has protection against DDoS attacks, and the ability to change DNS settings. A trial period of one day will allow you to evaluate the capabilities of the service before purchasing.

ExpressVPN – provides access to services bypassing regional restrictions, and has a function to prevent speed drops, a large number of servers will allow you to choose the closest one to your real location in order to reduce the response as much as possible. This service does not provide a trial period, and a monthly subscription will cost twice as much as CyberGhost VPN.

The principle of connecting and configuring VPN services is largely identical, with minor differences, and proceeds approximately as follows:

  1. Installing a VPN service on your PC and connecting to the server.
  2. Connecting the console via an ethernet cable to a PC
  3. Change network adapter settings (Allow other network users to connect through the Internet connection on this computer)
  4. Connecting the console to a network with changed parameters

VPN services may slightly reduce Internet speed and increase ping due to redirection to remote server IP addresses.

Buy Games in the Microsoft Store XBOX
Buy Games in the Microsoft Store XBOX

Creating an account in another region

Another option to bypass XBOX Store regional restrictions is to create an account in a different region. When using this method, you need to be extremely careful when choosing a region for your account, since some regions may not support Russian localization and have higher regional prices. Among other things, the process will be complicated by the fact that you will need to purchase payment cards for a particular region, and for them to add games of interest to your library.

The most reliable way is to buy games on discs

Due to sanctions from Microsoft, at the moment the most profitable and reliable way is to purchase games on discs. Physical copies of games are not tied to region or Internet speed, and you will be able to receive all the latest updates. Previously purchased physical editions can later be resold or exchanged for a newer and more interesting game, plus on the secondary market prices for discs are much cheaper. Almost all retailers hold promotions and giveaways, making purchasing discs a very simple, affordable, and reliable way to play your favorite games.

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