India National Cricket Team vs Pakistan National Cricket Team Timeline

The "India National Cricket Team vs Pakistan National Cricket Team timeline" charts the evolution of one of cricket's most intense rivalries since their first encounter in 1952. Spanning over decades, this timeline highlights key matches, historical milestones, and unforgettable moments that have defined the rivalry. From Test debuts and World Cup clashes to memorable innings and spectacular bowling performances, each encounter adds to the rich narrative of competitive spirit, political undertones, and sporting excellence that characterize India-Pakistan cricket.

India National Cricket Team vs Pakistan National Cricket Team Timeline
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The cricket rivalry between the India National Cricket Team and the Pakistan National Cricket Team is one of the most intense and storied in the history of the sport. From their first encounter in 1952 to the high-voltage clashes of recent times, the timeline of their battles is a fascinating chronicle of sporting excellence, political tensions, and cultural pride. This article explores the “India National Cricket Team vs Pakistan National Cricket Team timeline” in detail, highlighting key matches, milestones, and memorable moments.

Historical Background

The cricketing rivalry between India and Pakistan began in 1952, following the partition of British India in 1947. This division not only created two new nations but also set the stage for a unique sporting rivalry. Cricket, being a legacy of British colonialism, became a major sporting activity in both countries, leading to a competitive and emotionally charged atmosphere whenever the two teams faced each other.

Key Milestones in India-Pakistan Cricket

1952First Test series between India and Pakistan
1978Resumption of bilateral series after a 17-year gap
19831st World Cup clash
1992First ODI World Cup match
1996Quarter-final clash in World Cup
1999World Cup encounter amidst political tension
2004Resumption of bilateral series after Kargil War
2007First T20 World Cup final
2011World Cup semi-final in Mohali
2021T20 World Cup clash after a long hiatus
2023Asia Cup Super Four clash in Colombo

The 1950s: Beginnings of the Rivalry

The India National Cricket Team vs Pakistan National Cricket Team timeline begins in October 1952, when Pakistan toured India for a five-match Test series. This series, marking Pakistan’s debut in Test cricket, saw India emerge victorious with a 2-1 series win.

1952 India-Pakistan Test Series Summary

1st16-18 OctoberDelhiIndia
2nd23-26 OctoberLucknowPakistan
3rd1-4 NovemberBombayDraw
4th14-17 NovemberMadrasIndia
5th26-29 NovemberCalcuttaDraw


  • Delhi Test: The inaugural Test saw India winning comfortably by an innings and 70 runs, setting a precedent for the rivalry.
  • Lucknow Test: Pakistan registered their first Test win, leveling the series.
  • Madras Test: India’s win in this match secured their first series victory against Pakistan.

The 1960s: Sporadic Encounters

The 1960s saw limited encounters between the two teams, largely due to political tensions and conflicts, including the 1965 Indo-Pak War. However, the teams did manage to play a series in 1960-61.

1960-61 India-Pakistan Test Series Summary

1st2-7 DecemberBombayDraw
2nd17-22 DecemberKanpurDraw
3rd8-13 JanuaryDelhiDraw
4th30 Jan – 4 FebMadrasDraw
5th13-18 FebruaryCalcuttaDraw


  • All matches in this series ended in draws, indicating a period of evenly matched-contests with no decisive outcome.

The 1970s: Revival and Rising Tensions

The early 1970s were marked by political turmoil, leading to a suspension of cricketing ties between the two nations. However, in 1978, bilateral cricket resumed with Pakistan touring India for a three-match Test series.

1978 India-Pakistan Test Series Summary

1st16-21 OctoberFaisalabadDraw
2nd2-7 NovemberLahorePakistan
3rd29 Nov – 4 DecKarachiDraw


  • Lahore Test: Pakistan won their first series in 26 years, marking a significant achievement.

The 1980s: High-Intensity Matches

The 1980s saw some of the most fiercely contested matches in the India National Cricket Team vs Pakistan National Cricket Team timeline. The rivalry reached new heights with close encounters and memorable performances from both sides.

Key Matches in the 1980s

1st ODI, Sahara Cup1 October 1983TorontoIndia
Bangalore Test, 1986-8713-18 March 1987BangalorePakistan
Sharjah Cup, 198522 March 1985SharjahIndia


  • Bangalore Test (1987): Pakistan won by 16 runs, one of their most famous victories on Indian soil.
  • Sharjah Cup (1985): India defeated Pakistan by 38 runs, showcasing their ODI prowess.

The 1990s: World Cup Clashes and Political Turmoil

The 1990s were marked by high-stakes World Cup encounters and fluctuating diplomatic relations, impacting bilateral series.

Key World Cup Matches in the 1990s

1992 World Cup4 March 1992SydneyIndia
1996 World Cup Quarter-final9 March 1996BangaloreIndia
1999 World Cup8 June 1999ManchesterIndia


  • 1996 Quarter-final: India won in a high-pressure match, advancing to the semi-finals.

The 2000s: Renewed Rivalry and Emerging Stars

The early 2000s saw the rivalry flourish with frequent series and the emergence of new cricketing stars. This period was also significant for the first T20 World Cup clash between the two teams.

Key Matches in the 2000s

2004 Test series13-17 March 2004MultanIndia
2007 T20 World Cup Final24 September 2007JohannesburgIndia


  • Multan Test (2004): India won their first Test in Pakistan, famously dubbed the “Multan Miracle.”
  • T20 World Cup Final (2007): India defeated Pakistan to win the inaugural T20 World Cup.

The 2010s: High-Pressure Encounters

The 2010s continued the trend of high-pressure matches, particularly in ICC tournaments. The political climate remained tense, influencing the cricketing relations between the two nations.

Key Matches in the 2010s

2011 World Cup Semi-final30 March 2011MohaliIndia
2017 Champions Trophy Final18 June 2017LondonPakistan


  • 2011 World Cup Semi-final: India won, advancing to the final which they subsequently won.
  • 2017 Champions Trophy Final: Pakistan defeated India by 180 runs, securing their first ICC Champions Trophy.

The 2020s: Continuing the Legacy

The rivalry has continued into the 2020s, with matches in ICC tournaments capturing the attention of fans worldwide. Political tensions have led to fewer bilateral series, but the passion and intensity remain undiminished.

Key Matches in the 2020s

2021 T20 World Cup24 October 2021DubaiPakistan
2023 Asia Cup10 September 2023ColomboIndia


  • 2021 T20 World Cup: Pakistan secured their first-ever World Cup victory over India in any format.
  • 2023 Asia Cup: India triumphed in a rain-affected match, maintaining their dominance in the tournament.

Memorable Moments in the India-Pakistan Rivalry

Javed Miandad’s Last Ball Six (1986)

In the Austral-Asia Cup final in 1986, Javed Miandad hit a last-ball six to win the match for Pakistan, a moment etched in cricketing folklore.

Sachin Tendulkar’s Desert Storm (1998)

In the Coca-Cola Cup in Sharjah, Sachin Tendulkar’s blistering innings against Pakistan in the final is remembered as the “Desert Storm.”

Venkatesh Prasad vs. Aamer Sohail (1996)

In the 1996 World Cup quarter-final, Prasad’s dismissal of Sohail after a heated exchange remains one of the most talked-about moments in India-Pakistan cricket.

Statistical Overview

Head-to-Head Statistics

India vs. Pakistan Overall Records

FormatMatchesIndia WinsPakistan WinsDraw/Tie/NR

Highest Individual Scores

Highest Scores by Indian and Pakistani Players

Player (India)ScoreFormatMatch Details
Virender Sehwag309TestMultan, 2004
Rohit Sharma140ODIManchester, 2019
Virat Kohli78*T20IColombo, 2012
Player (Pakistan)ScoreFormatMatch Details
Hanif Mohammad337TestBridgetown, 1958
Fakhar Zaman210*ODIBulawayo, 2018
Mohammad Rizwan89*T20IDubai, 2021

Best Bowling Figures

Best Bowling Figures by Indian and Pakistani Players

Player (India)FiguresFormatMatch Details
Anil Kumble10/74TestDelhi, 1999
Venkatesh Prasad5/27ODIManchester, 1999
Hardik Pandya4/38T20IDubai, 2021
Player (Pakistan)FiguresFormatMatch Details
Imran Khan8/60TestKarachi, 1982
Aqib Javed7/37ODISharjah, 1991
Umar Gul4/37T20IThe Oval, 2009


The “India National Cricket Team vs Pakistan National Cricket Team timeline” is a saga of thrilling matches, legendary performances, and unforgettable moments. Despite the political tensions that often affect bilateral relations, the cricketing rivalry has continued to captivate millions of fans worldwide. Each match between these two cricketing giants adds a new chapter to this storied rivalry, making it one of the most compelling narratives in the world of sports.

As the teams continue to clash in various formats and tournaments, the legacy of their encounters only grows richer, promising more excitement, drama, and cricketing excellence in the years to come.

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