Pakistan National Cricket Team vs New Zealand National Cricket Team Match Scorecard

The cricket rivalry between Pakistan and New Zealand is marked by thrilling encounters across Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is). This guide explores the historical context and provides detailed scorecards and analysis of memorable matches. Notable games include Pakistan’s dramatic win in the 2018 Abu Dhabi Test and New Zealand’s nail-biting victory in the 2014 Sharjah ODI. Key players like Babar Azam and Kane Williamson have been pivotal, while the impact of conditions and weather on match outcomes highlights the unique challenges of hosting cricket in Pakistan and New Zealand.

Pakistan National Cricket Team vs New Zealand National Cricket Team Match Scorecard
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Cricket is a sport that has captured the hearts of millions around the world, and the matches between the Pakistan national cricket team and the New Zealand national cricket team are often thrilling encounters that excite fans across the globe. In this article, we will delve deep into the match scorecards, key moments, and player performances in the context of the Pakistan vs. New Zealand cricket rivalry. We will cover various formats, including Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is).

1. Introduction

The cricketing rivalry between Pakistan and New Zealand is one characterized by its competitive spirit and closely fought contests. Both teams have a rich cricketing history and a strong fan base, making every match between them highly anticipated. The purpose of this article is to provide a comprehensive guide to the match scorecards of Pakistan vs. New Zealand encounters, highlighting key performances and moments that have defined their rivalry.

Pakistan and New Zealand

2. Historical Context

Early Encounters

The first recorded Test match between Pakistan and New Zealand took place in 1955. Since then, both teams have faced each other numerous times in various formats. These early encounters laid the foundation for a rivalry that has grown over the decades. Also, Read – India National Cricket Team vs England Cricket Team Timeline

First Test Series Between Pakistan and New Zealand

YearHost CountrySeries Result
1955New ZealandDrawn

Recent Matches

In recent years, both teams have been competitive across all formats. With modern cricket’s emphasis on aggressive play and the advent of new technologies, the matches have become more dynamic and exciting.

Recent Series Results (2015-2024)

YearFormatHost CountrySeries Result
2016TestNew ZealandNew Zealand won 2-0
2018ODIUAEPakistan won 5-0
2020T20INew ZealandNew Zealand won 2-1
2023TestPakistanDrawn 1-1

3. Test Matches: Scorecards and Analysis

Test cricket between Pakistan and New Zealand has produced some memorable matches with dramatic finishes and remarkable individual performances.

Memorable Test Matches

1976, Lahore – New Zealand’s Historic Win:

In a match where New Zealand won by an innings and 64 runs, Richard Hadlee’s devastating spell (6/26) decimated Pakistan’s batting lineup, leading New Zealand to their first-ever Test win on Pakistani soil.

2018, Abu Dhabi – Pakistan’s Thrilling Victory:

In a nail-biting finish, Pakistan won by four runs, defending a target of 176. Yasir Shah’s ten wickets in the match and a crucial knock by Babar Azam were instrumental in Pakistan’s victory.

Detailed Scorecards

Lahore Test, 1976

Team1st Innings Score2nd Innings Score
New Zealand421/5 decl.
ResultNew Zealand won by an innings and 64 runs

Abu Dhabi Test, 2018

Team1st Innings Score2nd Innings Score
New Zealand249171
ResultPakistan won by 4 runs

4. One Day Internationals (ODIs): Scorecards and Analysis

ODI cricket has seen some high-scoring matches and dramatic chases between Pakistan and New Zealand, with both teams showcasing their prowess in the limited-overs format.

Pakistan and New Zealand

Classic ODI Matches

1992 World Cup Semi-Final, Auckland:

Pakistan’s famous victory, chasing down New Zealand’s 262, was highlighted by Inzamam-ul-Haq’s blistering 60 off 37 balls, propelling Pakistan into the final and eventually winning their first World Cup.

2014, Sharjah – High-Scoring Thriller:

New Zealand chased down a mammoth 299 with a thrilling one-wicket victory. Kane Williamson’s 123* and Corey Anderson’s quick-fire 44 were pivotal.

Detailed Scorecards

1992 World Cup Semi-Final

New Zealand262/7
ResultPakistan won by 4 wickets

Sharjah ODI, 2014

New Zealand303/9
ResultNew Zealand won by 1 wicket

5. Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is): Scorecards and Analysis

T20I matches between Pakistan and New Zealand are known for their explosive batting and thrilling finishes.

Exciting T20I Matches

2010, Dubai – Pakistan’s Dominant Win:

Pakistan chased down New Zealand’s 144 with ease, winning by 7 wickets. Umar Akmal’s unbeaten 56 was the highlight of the match.

2020, Hamilton – Super Over Drama:

A nail-biting finish saw the match end in a tie, leading to a super over. New Zealand managed to win the super over thanks to Tim Seifert’s crucial runs.

Detailed Scorecards

Dubai T20I, 2010

New Zealand144/7
ResultPakistan won by 7 wickets

Hamilton T20I, 2020

New Zealand163/7
ResultMatch tied, New Zealand won in the super over

6. Head-to-Head Statistics

Overall Records

Head-to-Head Overall (As of 2024)

FormatMatchesPakistan WinsNew Zealand WinsDraw/Tie/No Result

Player vs. Player Stats

Leading Run-Scorers (Combined Formats)

Kane WilliamsonNew Zealand70380252.8312
Babar AzamPakistan65357147.619
Ross TaylorNew Zealand55314042.568

Leading Wicket-Takers (Combined Formats)

PlayerTeamMatchesWicketsAverageBest Figures
Tim SoutheeNew Zealand6012928.467/33
Yasir ShahPakistan5011531.126/39
Trent BoultNew Zealand5511427.886/30

7. Key Players in Pakistan vs. New Zealand Matches


  • Babar Azam: Renowned for his elegant stroke play and consistency, Babar has been a key figure in Pakistan’s batting lineup across all formats.
  • Shaheen Afridi: Known for his pace and ability to swing the ball, Shaheen is often Pakistan’s spearhead in bowling attacks.

New Zealand

  • Kane Williamson: A world-class batsman, Williamson’s technical prowess and ability to anchor innings make him a crucial player for New Zealand.
  • Tim Southee: With his experience and knack for taking crucial wickets, Southee has been a mainstay in New Zealand’s bowling lineup.

Pakistan and New Zealand

8. Impact of Conditions on Match Outcomes

Cricket matches between Pakistan and New Zealand are often influenced by the conditions prevalent in the host country. The pitches in Pakistan typically favor spinners, while New Zealand’s conditions support seam bowlers.

Home Advantage

Home vs. Away Win Percentage

TeamHome Win %Away Win %
New Zealand65%35%

In Pakistan, spin-friendly conditions have often led to victories for the home team, with spinners like Yasir Shah playing pivotal roles. Conversely, in New Zealand, the swinging and seaming conditions have favored bowlers like Tim Southee and Trent Boult, leading to significant home advantages.

Influence of Weather

Weather conditions such as humidity, temperature, and rainfall can also play a significant role. For instance, matches in Pakistan often face interruptions due to extreme heat or rain in the monsoon season, while in New Zealand, rain can be a frequent disruptor.

Pakistan and New Zealand

9. Conclusion

The cricketing battles between the Pakistan national cricket team and the New Zealand national cricket team have provided fans with countless memorable moments, thrilling matches, and outstanding individual performances. From dramatic Test encounters to high-scoring ODIs and nail-biting T20Is, the rivalry continues to captivate cricket enthusiasts worldwide. As both teams evolve and new talents emerge, the future promises even more exciting and competitive matches, adding further chapters to this storied rivalry.

In summary, the scorecards, statistics, and key highlights presented in this article offer a comprehensive view of the competitive spirit and excitement that define the encounters between Pakistan and New Zealand in international cricket. Also, Read – Ireland Cricket Team vs India National Cricket Team Timeline

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