Sri Lanka National Cricket Team vs Bangladesh National Cricket Team Timeline

The cricket rivalry between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, starting in 1986, has evolved from Sri Lankan dominance to a competitive showdown, with key milestones like Bangladesh's first Test win in 2017. This timeline highlights their journey across ODIs, Tests, and T20s, showcasing the growth and intensity of their contests.

Sri Lanka National Cricket Team vs Bangladesh National Cricket Team Timeline
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The cricket rivalry between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh has evolved from one-sided contests to highly competitive matches, showcasing growth in both teams. Starting with their first encounter in the 1986 Asia Cup, the rivalry has seen historic moments like Bangladesh’s first Test win in 2017. This timeline covers key matches, significant milestones, and standout performances, highlighting the journey of both teams through ODI, Test, and T20 formats. Their contests are now a testament to the rising competitive spirit and sportsmanship in South Asian cricket. Also, Read – Ireland Cricket Team vs India National Cricket Team Timeline

Sri Lanka National Cricket Team and Bangladesh National Cricket Team Timeline

Cricket, often referred to as a religion in South Asia, has seen numerous rivalries, but one of the growing and intriguing ones is between the Sri Lanka national cricket team and the Bangladesh national cricket team. Over the years, these two teams have faced off in many memorable matches across formats, showcasing a blend of competitive spirit, sportsmanship, and regional pride. This article delves into the timeline of encounters between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, highlighting key matches, significant milestones, and the evolution of their cricketing relationship.

Early Encounters: The Beginning of a Rivalry

1986-1999: The Formative Years

1986 Asia Cup: First Encounter

The first official match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh took place during the 1986 Asia Cup. Sri Lanka, a rising force in world cricket, easily won the match, marking the beginning of what would become a regular contest.

31 March 1986Asia CupColomboSri Lanka7 wickets

1997 ICC Trophy: A Historic Win for Bangladesh

One of the most significant early encounters was during the 1997 ICC Trophy, where Bangladesh defeated Sri Lanka, marking their arrival on the international scene. This victory was crucial for Bangladesh as it helped them gain ODI status.

6 April 1997ICC TrophyKuala LumpurBangladesh1 wicket

2000-2010: Establishing Competitive Spirit

2003 ICC Cricket World Cup

The 2003 World Cup saw Sri Lanka and Bangladesh face off in the group stage. Sri Lanka dominated the match, winning comfortably.

14 February 2003ICC World CupPietermaritzburgSri Lanka10 wickets

2006 Test Series: Bangladesh’s Test Debut Against Sri Lanka

In 2006, Bangladesh toured Sri Lanka for a Test series, marking the first Test encounter between the two teams. Sri Lanka, with its experienced side, won the series convincingly.

28 June 20061st TestColomboSri LankaInnings & 69 runs
3 July 20062nd TestBograSri Lanka10 wickets
11 July 20063rd TestKandySri LankaInnings & 137 runs

The Evolution of Rivalry: 2011-2020

2011 ICC Cricket World Cup: A Significant Encounter

The 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup match between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh was significant as it was part of the group stages held in Bangladesh. Sri Lanka’s victory was a setback for the hosts but demonstrated the competitive nature of the contest.

18 March 2011ICC World CupDhakaSri Lanka112 runs

2014 Asia Cup: Bangladesh’s Fightback

During the 2014 Asia Cup, Bangladesh showed significant improvement in their game, giving Sri Lanka tough competition, though Sri Lanka eventually won the match.

6 March 2014Asia CupDhakaSri Lanka3 wickets

2017: Bangladesh’s Historic Win

One of the most memorable moments in the Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh rivalry came in 2017 when Bangladesh secured their first-ever Test win against Sri Lanka in Colombo, marking a significant achievement in their cricket history.

15 March 20172nd TestColomboBangladesh4 wickets

Modern Era: 2021-Present

2021 ODI Series: A Competitive Edge

The ODI series in 2021 saw both teams showcasing their strengths, with Sri Lanka emerging victorious, but not without significant resistance from Bangladesh.

23 May 20211st ODIDhakaBangladesh33 runs
25 May 20212nd ODIDhakaBangladesh103 runs
28 May 20213rd ODIDhakaSri Lanka97 runs

2022 Test Series: Competitive Battles

The 2022 Test series was a testament to the growing competitiveness between the two teams, with both matches ending in draws.

15 May 20221st TestChattogramDrawHigh-scoring draws
23 May 20222nd TestDhakaDrawBoth teams competitive

Key Players in Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh Encounters

Sri Lanka’s Legends

  1. Sanath Jayasuriya: Known for his explosive batting, Jayasuriya played pivotal roles in many victories against Bangladesh.
  2. Muttiah Muralitharan: The legendary spinner often tormented Bangladeshi batsmen with his wizardry.
  3. Kumar Sangakkara: His consistent performances with the bat were crucial in numerous matches.

Bangladesh’s Heroes

  1. Shakib Al Hasan: One of the world’s best all-rounders, Shakib has been instrumental in Bangladesh’s successes.
  2. Tamim Iqbal: Known for his aggressive opening batting, Tamim has provided solid starts in many matches.
  3. Mushfiqur Rahim: The experienced wicketkeeper-batsman has been a backbone for Bangladesh in many crucial encounters.

Statistical Highlights

Head-to-Head Records

FormatMatchesSri Lanka WinsBangladesh WinsDraw/Tie/No Result

Highest Individual Scores

Sanath Jayasuriya189ODISharjah2000
Tamim Iqbal153ODIDhaka2014

Best Bowling Figures

Muttiah Muralitharan6/25ODISharjah2000
Shakib Al Hasan5/68TestColombo2017

Memorable Matches

2018 Nidahas Trophy: A T20 Classic

The Nidahas Trophy in 2018 saw one of the most thrilling T20 matches between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Bangladesh chased down a steep target of 215, showcasing their prowess in the shortest format.

16 March 2018Nidahas TrophyColomboBangladesh2 wickets

2021 Test Series: A Drawn Battle

The 2021 Test series highlighted the competitive edge between the two teams, with both matches ending in high-scoring draws, reflecting the balanced nature of their rivalry.

21 April 20211st TestPallekeleDrawDouble centuries
29 April 20212nd TestPallekeleDrawCompetitive spirit

Head-to-Head Summary

FormatMatchesSri Lanka WinsBangladesh WinsDraw/Tie/No Result

Notable Matches and Series

1986ODIAsia CupSri LankaFirst official encounter
1997ODIICC TrophyBangladeshHistoric win
2017TestTest SeriesBangladeshFirst Test win against SL
2018T20INidahas TrophyBangladeshMemorable chase
2021ODIODI SeriesSri LankaCompetitive edge

Milestone Matches

31 March 1986ODISri Lanka vs BangladeshColomboSri LankaFirst official match
6 April 1997ODIBangladesh vs Sri LankaKuala LumpurBangladeshFirst win for Bangladesh
15 March 2017TestSri Lanka vs BangladeshColomboBangladeshFirst Test win for Bangladesh

Statistical Leaders

Highest ScoreSanath Jayasuriya189ODI
Best BowlingMuttiah Muralitharan6/25ODI
Most RunsKumar Sangakkara1500+Tests
Most WicketsShakib Al Hasan50+Tests

This timeline offers a detailed look at the cricketing journey of Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, capturing the essence of their rivalry and the milestones achieved over the years. The evolving dynamics between the two teams promise to keep fans engaged and excited for future contests. Also, Read – India National Cricket Team vs England Cricket Team Timeline


The cricketing rivalry between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh has grown significantly over the years. From early encounters where Sri Lanka dominated to more recent matches where Bangladesh has emerged victorious, this rivalry has added a new dimension to South Asian cricket. Both teams have shown remarkable growth, resilience, and competitive spirit, making their encounters a treat for cricket enthusiasts.

As cricket continues to evolve, the Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh rivalry promises to deliver more thrilling moments, unforgettable performances, and a showcase of the true spirit of the game. Whether it’s the experienced campaigners of Sri Lanka or the rising stars of Bangladesh, each match between these two nations adds a new chapter to their rich cricketing history.

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